Mama’s Day

I woke on Sunday morning to a faceful of brightly-colored flowers. A smiling little Moonie was holding them out.


“Happy Mama’s Day!” he shouted. I’d forgotten all about Mother’s Day, and his lovely gift last year of the little dish of jelly beans. He’d continued the rainbow theme this year with an armful of daisies.

“Thanks, little dude!” I said, reaching for the flowers. Moonie grinned. “Hold on,” he said. “I have one more surprise. Close your eyes!”

I dutifully complied, and when instructed, opened them to find this:

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Culinary Cake, Part 2

Moonie is still very much enjoying the fact that his friend Deb’s husband is a chef and culinary professor. Particularly as Deb brought in another of Bob’s classroom cakes yesterday – a chocolate one with mocha frosting.


“Delicious!” Moonie shouted through his chocolate-rimmed mouth.


“Shh,” I responded. People were trying to work.

“But they haven’t heard my cake joke yet!” he shouted. “Hey, everyone, what kind of cake brings you to the doctor?”
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