Culinary Cake, Part 2

Moonie is still very much enjoying the fact that his friend Deb’s husband is a chef and culinary professor. Particularly as Deb brought in another of Bob’s classroom cakes yesterday – a chocolate one with mocha frosting.


“Delicious!” Moonie shouted through his chocolate-rimmed mouth.


“Shh,” I responded. People were trying to work.

“But they haven’t heard my cake joke yet!” he shouted. “Hey, everyone, what kind of cake brings you to the doctor?”
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Visual Arts

I work at a college, which means Moonie also “works” at a college. Meaning he amuses himself while I do grownup things all day.

Today he seems to have found some cotton balls and some art students.

This briefly said “Visual arts.”


Thankfully, Moonie has a special giggle he uses when he’s feeling extra mischievous.

The giggle was a good tip-off; I realized just in time that he was going to switch around some of the cotton balls to say “farts.”


He was a little disappointed I pulled him down before his grand scheme was carried out, but he’ll get over it.


I drove by a local doughnut shop in Cranston yesterday morning and decided on a whim to pick up a dozen to bring into the office.

My co-workers were half-grateful and half-resentful.


Moonie was entirely grateful.