Lord of the Pies, 2016: Elmwood Diner

Oh boy! One of Moonie’s Lord of the Pies 2016 passport coupons was for Elmwood Diner.¬†Moonie loves Elmwood Diner!


As it was a nippy November day, his very first order of business was to ask our server, Debbie, for a hot chocolate made with milk. He giggled joyously when it arrived in a special mug for blood donors. Moonie loves donating blood, too!

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Lord of the Pies, Stop 4

Oh, yay! My friend Dan had been my Lord of the Pies companion last year, but he hadn’t been able to join Moonie and me on our first few stops. But a couple of weeks ago the three of us finally checked out Elmwood Diner. I’ve been to the Elmwood for a bunch of delicious breakfasts and lunches since they opened last year – some of the many adventures from the spring and summer that Moonie and I have yet to get around to posting – but it was Dan’s first time there and Moonie’s and my first time trying their pizza. This should be good!

It was also my first time being there at night. The Elmwood recently changed to winter hours, so it’s open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. five days a week (closed Mondays and Tuesdays). Moonie loved the cozy evening ambiance, meaning he had to run around hugging each of the candles on the tables.


He also had to play hide and seek in the vintage-looking fridge holding bottles of soda.


And try on some shirts, too.

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