Moonie & MDB & Moonie’s Celebrity Sighting

One of the acts Moonie traveled all the way to NH to see actually lives right in Rhode Island: Marc Douglas Berardo. His set at Tupelo Music Hall was amazing last night and well worth the drive. Moonie and I approached him for a photo after, during which Moonie appears to have farted in MDB’s face.


A woman standing nearby suddenly asked, “Is that Moonie?” It was his first recognition, and don’t worry, the fame only swelled his head a little. Given that it was already disproportionately large to his body, it’s all the room it had to swell.

It turned out that Mary had just discovered Moonie’s Facebook Page and was a fan of his antics. Obviously I had to capture his first official fan, so Mary jumped into the next photo with MDB.

Adorableness immediately ensued.

MDB and Mary

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