Neighbor Days Thayer Street Block Party

Moonie had a blast at the first-ever Neighbor Days Thayer Street Block Party. If you’re not familiar with Providence, Thayer Street is a hip street that runs near a lot of Brown University property and features a mix of stores and restaurants. Today it was closed to traffic for a beer garden, live music, and all kinds of vendors for a Rock & Roll Yard Sale.

Here’s Moonie showing off his high view of the block party.

DSC_0053 (1024x681)

Here’s what his head was hiding.

DSC_0050 (1024x681)

After enjoying several live bands and watching a “living statue,” Moonie was on a hunt for good tunes.

DSC_0057 (681x1024)

He also drooled a bit over the hula girls.


Finally, he found a little sign that made perfect Moonie sense.


All in all, an excellent block party. He drank most of the mango lassi I bought to wash down my Indian food, but otherwise I didn’t have any complaints, either.

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