Moonie’s Stage Debut

Moonie and I headed back to The Mediator Stage this week to catch the feature act, We Were Strangers. Even with a percussionist, though, it turned out they needed Moonie’s help. Would he mind playing a little conga?


It turned out he didn’t mind at all. He ran right up on stage and stayed throughout their set, which was comprised of lovely music like the song “Lay on Down”.

We Were Strangers1

No one could hear Moonie above We Were Strangers’ drums, guitar, banjo, and lovely vocals, but he wasn’t concerned at all.

We Were Strangers2

He finally joined me in the audience at the end, though, as he wanted to watch an all-star group of musicians come together to sing “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

We Were Strangers3

He says they sounded great, even without the extra conga.

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