Moonie is a badass. He’s been asking for his very own tattoo ever since he spotted mine. He’s been working on the design and everything: a big red heart right on his little bicep. The trouble has been what word to write with it. He’s been going back and forth between “cookies,” “cake,” “Mom” (awww), “flowers,” “rainbows,” and “hugs.”

Like I said, badass.

The other trouble is that Moonie doesn’t like needles. Or pain. So I was thrilled to find a solution yesterday while at the Providence Rock & Roll Yard sale: a henna tattoo!

Moonie was a little nervous, so he watched me get mine first.


He picked it out himself; the moons are for Moonie.


He was finally ready to get his very own tat.


Tee hee! He loves it. He just lay there giggling with joy.


Then he wanted to go out and show the world what a badass he was.


We’re still loving our matching tats.


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