Hurty Nose

I accidentally smashed my nose so hard into the sharp side of a door this morning, I saw stars.
It was like some kind of Looney Toons cartoon.

Thankfully, I work at a place with a nice nurse with ice packs and nice cafeteria people with ice cubes. Moonie helped me secure both so I could ice my face while he gave me good vibes.


But then I made the mistake of looking up broken noses online, and there were all these scary things about getting emergency medical attention if you were having difficulty breathing through it (I was) or it was leaking fluid (it was) or if blood trapped in it could cause surgery-needing damage (who knew if that swelling was fluid or blood). So Moonie and I left work early to go get checked out.

He continued giving me good vibes in the waiting room. He even got his very own chair.


When we finally got home, armed with the news that yes, it appears broken, but no, there’s nothing they can do unless the swelling doesn’t go down in a few days, in which case an ENT specialist will need to – shudder – reset it, I wasn’t feeling really great. My face won’t stop hurting and throbbing, and I’m a bit self-conscious about how my swollen nose looks, too. So Moonie cheered me up by sympathy-bandaging his own nose.


It’s like we’re twins!

Come to think of it, he looks a bit like an accident victim between his fake-hurty-nose bandage and the red bandage he still has on his arm from donating blood yesterday.


Please don’t call TPS (Troll Protection Services) on me. He’s in good hands, I promise. And with him cheering me up, I’m in good hands, too.

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