Moonie and I went for a haircut last week. Which meant I got the shampoo and trim and blow-dry while Moonie admired his rock-star locks in multiple mirrors under shiny lights. It was also a chance for him to hit on the “sexy brush,” as he calls her, and tell her some of his favorite haircut-themed jokes.


Moonie: “What did the bald man say when given a comb?”
Sexy brush: (silence)
Moonie: “I’ll never part with it!”
Sexy brush: (silence)

Moonie: “What kind of hair do oceans have?”
Sexy brush: (silence)
Moonie: “Wavy!”
Sexy brush: (silence)

Moonie: “Why did the barber win the race?”
Sexy brush: (silence)
Moonie: “Because he took a short cut!”
Sexy brush: (silence)

Moonie: “What do bees use to brush their hair?”
Sexy brush: (silence)
Moonie: “Honey combs!”
Sexy brush: (silence)

When I told him it was time to go, he looked a little grateful. It’s hard when people don’t appreciate your jokes. You’ll get ’em next time, little buddy.

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