Steve Allain

One thing Rhode Island hasn’t had a shortage of this weekend: music. It seems our little state has been teeming with music festivals and individual shows. I asked Moonie which act he’d like to check out last night, and he wanted to see his pal Steve Allain play the Portsmouth Publick House.

So we did.


Moonie was even greeted by his musical pal with a smile.

It was a great evening at the Publick House. We were seated near some happy groups of people that were digging the live music. Moonie and I split a pile of food, from turkey chili to a burger to mashed potatoes, and he ordered and polished off a “big boy” beer, meaning 22 ounces of hiccup-inducing liquid.

Steve played a great mix of original music, including some of our favorites from his latest album “Thirteen,” and covers that included some great blues renditions and a sweet serenade of the Beatles’ “Blackbird” to an adorable baby boy in the front row.

“That’s his youngest fan,” Moonie whispered to me, “But I’m still his littlest.”

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