Family Bath Time

I wanted to be at a fun bluegrass show last night but was under the weather. I decided a nice quiet bubble bath might help make me feel better and filled the tub, only to hear a little knock on the door.

“Moonie, I’m going to be busy for a while. Go tell the kitty some jokes, OK?”
(muffled little voice in response)
“Moonie, buddy, I can’t hear you through the door.”

In the blink of an eye, he’d opened the door and come in. I can never understand how someone three inches tall can reach doorknobs that are 30 inches tall, but I guess that’s part of the magic of being a troll.

“I said, can I take a bath with you?”
I looked up and there he stood and OH MY GOODNESS.

People. Friends.

He was holding his own little Moonie-sized rubber ducky.


Where do they even MAKE Moonie-sized rubber duckies?

I was still contemplating this when my nude little dude plunged into the bath with a “Whee!” and surfaced between my knees, still holding his rubber ducky and chattering away with bubble bath-themed jokes.


“What happened to the leopard who took a bath three times a day?”
“What, Moonie?”
“After a week, he was spotless!”

We heard a little noise and looked up to see that Kitty had pushed the ajar door all the way open and walked in to see what we were up to.

“Kitty!” Moonie shouted, climbing onto the tub’s ledge to greet her. “Now it’s a party!”
I groaned. So much for my quiet bath.


“Hey, Kitty, what kind of dog likes to take bubble baths?”
Kitty turned around and headed out of the bathroom.
“Shampoodles!” Moonie screamed after her, roaring with laughter.

“Hey, Mama, why did the robber take a bath?”
“Why, Moonie?”
“So he could make a clean getaway!”

He laughed so hard he hiccupped soap bubbles.

“How do you avoid getting a bathtub ring?”
“Use a square tub!”

Moonie then plunged underwater and swam around. All you could see of him were his little feet.


“That was fun!” he shouted when he finally climbed out before his teeny fingers and toes could get pruny. “We should take a bath EVERY night!”


His rubber ducky nodded in agreement.

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