Blood Donation, Part 3

Once again, the Rhode Island Blood Center came to our work and held a blood drive. Moonie signed us right up!


We got our blood pressure checked together…


…and our fingers pricked…


…and then we were all set to donate!


Moonie was quite taken with his new friend Zoraya. He wanted to be her little helper for the day.


She gave him a sticker, and he worked very hard to pat it down just right on my sweater.


Then he insisted that the three of us pose for a selfie, so he held up my phone for us to quickly pose.


Moonie and I had both drunk a lot of water, because the more hydrated you are the faster you donate. Soon enough, we were both done, me giving my pint of red blood and Moonie giving his little thimble-sized amount of rainbow-colored troll blood. Zoraya expertly wrapped us up in matching red bandages that we promised to keep on for at least four hours.


Then, it was time for the hardest part: picking out a snack!


Moonie went for the Fig Newtons.


And also the Oreos.


He got to choose his very own little cup of juice, too! Decisions, decisions.


It’s important to double your fluids after donating, so he kept filling and drinking from my water bottle for the rest of the day.


Each year during the month of January the Blood Center gives every donor a $5 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. Get yours now through Sunday by donating at any Rhode Island Blood Center or blood drive!


“Wow, this can buy us FIVE doughnuts!” Moonie exclaimed, his amber eyes growing wide and shiny.

I looked down at him, remembering how hyper he gets on sugar.

“Maybe you’d better let me hold onto that,” I said.

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