Blood! Blood! Blood Is Good!

The other week, it was that time again – time to head down to the Rhode Island Blood Center and donate. Moonie couldn’t wait!

He’s always quick to donate his little thimble of rainbow-colored troll blood, and then he’s usually nice enough to come cheer me on, because he knows I’m not crazy about needles.

He got so excited when the nice Rhode Island Blood Center ladies gave him his very own RIBC sticker, he climbed right up onto my freshly-donated blood and sang (to the tune of the Village People’s “YMCA”), “It’s fun to come to the R – I – B – C!” We had to ask him nicely not to tap dance on the blood, though.

Boy, does he love his little sticker!

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Rise and Fall of the Gingerbread House

It was hard not to ask what Moonie was up to the other day, walking around with his toolkit.


“I’m building a house!” he shouted.

“You are? Out of what?”

He grinned and showed me.


“Oh,” I said, “I get it. A gingerbread house for Christmas. That sounds like–oh. Um, Moonie? Maybe you should save some of that candy for your house.”

To his credit, he looked a little sheepish.


I have to hand it to the little guy, though, he worked hard. Every time I looked up he was preparing the icing or hoisting up the gingerbread walls.



He put the roof together very, very carefully.


Then he started preparing his shrubs.


And he made a nice little walkway.


I checked in later, and he was patting his house into place.


Look how proud he is of his little log cabin!


His chimney was particularly adorable.


He had fun gathering up some yummy candy canes for decor.


They looked good on his house!


Aw, he was so proud of his work.

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Blood and Cookies

How time flies! Yesterday Moonie grabbed me and said it was time for another appointment to donate at the Rhode Island Blood Center. It’s important to help people who might need our blood, so off we went!

When we checked in, we were encouraged to each grab and drink a bottle of water. So we did.


Then, Moonie made sure to give me permission to donate blood. Thanks, little dude!


Trolls are exempt from paperwork, so while I filled in my human answers, Moonie checked out the pretty artwork taken by local photographers.


He also munched on some pretzels. But don’t worry; he shared them.

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Sad Cookies

I got some bad news on Thursday and was pretty mopey that night. Moonie tried telling me his favorite knock-knock jokes and even cuddled up into the crook of my arm, but sometimes even Moonie doesn’t chase away the blues.

Then his face brightened. “You know what we need?”
“What?” I asked.
“Sad cookies!” Moonie shouted.
“What are sad cookies?” I asked, picturing upside-down happy face cookies.
“Cookies that you bake when you’re sad! And then you eat ’em. And then you’re not sad anymore!”
Hey, it couldn’t hurt. Especially as he hopped to the measuring and mixing and preheating.

Soon, he was flipping the first batch onto a cooling rack to dry.


“I made them extra happy!” he shouted.

A dozen minutes later, he stood proudly over the second and final batch. “See? No more sads!” he shouted.

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The Spectacular Cookie Smackdown!

Moonie has a lot of trouble choosing a favorite anything. But he’ll admit one thing: his favorite food group is cookies.

So it was a treat to arrive at Hope Artiste Village this afternoon for Rhode Island Food Fights’ annual Spectacular Cookie Smackdown. Ten different bakeries were scattered throughout the village’s long hallways offering multiple flavors of delicious cookies, while Yacht Club Soda provided cold soda samples and New Harvest Coffee Roasters offered nice hot coffee.

We arrived early, at Moonie’s insistence, and he hopped back and forth from foot to foot, periodically asking, “Is it cookie time yet?”


Suddenly we heard a merry jingling of bells, and Moonie’s amber eyes bugged out. “It’s Santa, it’s Santa, it’s Santa!” He shrieked. It was the second time we’d seen Santa this weekend. What were the odds? MAGIC, that’s what.


Inside, it took only moments for us to be handed a cup of yummy root beer and then a delicious little coconut macaroon. Moonie was off to a very happy start!

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