Blood and Cookies

How time flies! Yesterday Moonie grabbed me and said it was time for another appointment to donate at the Rhode Island Blood Center. It’s important to help people who might need our blood, so off we went!

When we checked in, we were encouraged to each grab and drink a bottle of water. So we did.


Then, Moonie made sure to give me permission to donate blood. Thanks, little dude!


Trolls are exempt from paperwork, so while I filled in my human answers, Moonie checked out the pretty artwork taken by local photographers.


He also munched on some pretzels. But don’t worry; he shared them.


Next, we both got our fingers pricked. We shared a piece of gauze before getting teeny band-aids.


Moonie helped untangle the pile of containers for the blood we’d be donating.


He also read the pre-donation form very, very carefully.


He’s always so quick with his own donation – he donates an itty-bitty thimble full of troll blood – so Moonie always comes right back to coach me through my bigger, longer donation.


He even reminds me to squeeze the roll of napkins every ten seconds.


Finally, I was done donating, too. Moonie paused to admire our matching red bandages. Twins!


Then his little legs were off and running to the snack area, where we had to rest for ten minutes. Moonie immediately got each of us a bottle of juice, reminding me that it’s important to hydrate.


As soon as he’d finished his apple juice, he dove right into the bowl of cookies. His favorite!


We ran into our friend Dan, who was resting up from donating platelets, and Dan introduced Moonie to this little “hot tub.” He had a ball checking it out!


But his attention was quickly held by the most amazing thing of all: the Otis Spunkmeyer cookie oven, which had chocolate chip cookies baking inside. Boy oh boy, Moonie could hardly wait for an ooey, gooey cookie.


At last, the cookies were done, but Dan and I had to remind Moonie to let them cool down. No one wants to see a troll with a burned mouth!


Oh boy oh boy oh boy, was that worth the wait. Another donation to help someone out, and another happy moment for cookie-loving Moonie.


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