Moonie has an unexpected pal: Freddy Krueger.

Moonie loves visiting his pal at The Time Capsule, a music/comics/books/etc. store in Seekonk, MA.

It’s a great place for Moonie to try out his Freddy Krueger jokes. Which he’s done so many times, Freddy sighs when he sees Moonie coming.

“Hi, Freddy!” Moonie will holler.

(sigh) “Hi, kid,” Freddy will mumble.

“I have a joke for you!” Moonie will shout.

“Of course you do,” Freddy will grumble.

Today, he had three.


“Why does Freddy Krueger wear a hat?” Moonie asked.

“Why?” asked Freddy, knowing Moonie would tell him anyway.

“Because he ran out of scare spray!” Moonie shouted, and burst into laughter. But he wasn’t done.

“What’s Freddy Krueger’s favorite Italian dish?” Moonie asked.

“What?” Freddy asked, looking curious.

“Fettuccine a-fraido!” Moonie yelled, then laughed even more.

Freddy waited patiently for Moonie to pull himself together.

“What do you get when you cross Cheerios and Freddy Krueger?”

“What?” asked Freddy, looking puzzled indeed.

“A CEREAL KILLER!” Moonie screamed, and laughed so hard he rolled onto the floor.

“You OK, kid?” Freddy asked, looking at the tiny troll way, way down on the ground.

“I’m fine!” Moonie said, beaming up at his friend.

“Darn,” Freddy whispered to himself.






Westerly? More Like Wester-WHEE!

Moonie loves the town of Westerly – its beautiful beaches, its cute little shops, its Dave’s Coffee, and its budding music scene.

When he’s not grooving to nightly music at Perks and Corks, he’s around the corner at The Knickerbocker Cafe, enjoying crowd-drawing acts like Martin Sexton and Duke Robillard and, two of his favorites, Ian Fitzgerald and Haunt the House. Ian and Haunt the House will be playing the Knick again tonight, and you just might see a pink-haired dude enjoying the tunes and the holiday decorations.


He does like to admire Ian’s hair (they have the same barber).


And he loves when Warbler Roost’s Bessie Bee joins Haunt the House frontman Will Houlihan on beautiful songs.


Last year Ian, Bessie, and Will brought the house down on a three-part harmony of “Good Night Irene.” Moonie was doing backflips.

He then ran around the corner to catch his friend MDB (“Emmm Deee Beee!” an excited Moonie is shouting over my shoulder). MDB, also known as Marc Douglas Berardo, was having his own holiday fun around the corner at Perks and Corks with his friends Phil Adams and Ken Serio.


Tonight’s live music at Perks and Corks will feature The Free Radicals, starring Moonie’s friend Pete Vendettuoli. So if you do make it to the Knickerbocker for amazing folk, don’t forget to pop around the corner for amazing roots and rhythm right after!

The Good Kind of Fibbing

I was sad when Other Tiger, a lovely, creaky bookstore in Westerly, Rhode Island, closed a couple of years ago.

So I was more than uplifted when Moonie came running up in March, hooting and hopping with joy that the nice lady who co-owns Bank Square Books (his favorite bookstore in Mystic, CT) was going to co-own a new bookstore in Westerly. He begged and begged and begged to go see the new shop, Savoy Bookshop and Cafe, and, well, you’ve seen how hard it is to say no to that excited little face.

So we checked out the gorgeous new bookshop for the first time in April, admiring the lovely entrance of the snazzy space that once housed the Savoy Hotel.


The new owners took care to restore and retain lots of original features, and the overall feel is charming, historic, and sophisticated.


We love that lovely staircase, too.

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Sweet Day at Suite Tart

As we’ve discovered, our little hero Moonie is a fan of the Suite Tart salon in Providence. When Moonie and I arrived there today, proprietor LuLu Locks and visiting educator Jose Ocana were gearing up to lead a coloring class for fellow stylists, lending welcoming smiles to their color models.

(That was us! Whee!)


We hadn’t been to Suite Tart since they acquired the property adjoining their tucked-away suite, so right away Moonie ran off to explore the new digs. I found him in the front window, entertaining the lovely hair mannequin (he introduced her as “Lola”) with one of his favorite hair jokes.


“How does a stylist make a phone call?” he asked his new friend Lola.
Lola was quiet, so Moonie supplied the punchline.
“She cuts it short!”
Lola remained quiet.

“Come on, buddy,” I said to Moonie. “There’s a lot more to see!”

And there was.
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Blood and Cookies

How time flies! Yesterday Moonie grabbed me and said it was time for another appointment to donate at the Rhode Island Blood Center. It’s important to help people who might need our blood, so off we went!

When we checked in, we were encouraged to each grab and drink a bottle of water. So we did.


Then, Moonie made sure to give me permission to donate blood. Thanks, little dude!


Trolls are exempt from paperwork, so while I filled in my human answers, Moonie checked out the pretty artwork taken by local photographers.


He also munched on some pretzels. But don’t worry; he shared them.

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Mini Hike

Moonie and I belong to a Facebook group of local people who love to hike. Unfortunately, a series of pesky injuries have prevented me from joining them since last July – until yesterday’s evening hike at the Audubon Society’s Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge in Smithfield. We arrived at what our hiking friend Stephen had advertised as a “mini hike” (my mini Moonie’s favorite kind) to find our fearless leader reviewing the trail map.


Our party consisted of 8 humans, one Moonie, and one doggie, all set to take a 6 p.m. hike and cover as much ground as possible before sundown. Luckily, Powder Mill Ledges is a small enough refuge that we’d be able to cover all three trails well before dark. We set right out, looking for trail markers for our blue, yellow and orange trails, set off in the beginning by big, friendly signs.


Many parts of the trails are marked not only with signs and tree markings but also with rail ties, catwalks, bridges, and even with a path mowed through a field. It’s not impossible to get lost – and our group did hiccup once or twice when we’d get caught up in chatting – but it’s pretty hard. It’s generally a smooth and easy place to hike and to look for birds and the occasional chipmunk.

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Jury Duty

In February, we received a blue form summoning us to jury duty.

“Oh boy!” Moonie shouted, excited to serve his civic duty.

Oh boy, indeed.

We showed up along with lots and lots of other people – so many that the shuttle bus had to promise to come back for the rest of us. Then we arrived at Superior Court, where security guards had to run my pocketbook through the X-ray machine three times because of “suspicious noises.”

(“What was that about?” I asked Moonie when I was finally handed my bag. “Were you giggling?”
“Well, it tickled!” Moonie retorted.)

We then took this very pretty elevator to the 4th floor jury lounge.


Moonie enjoyed the court’s long hallways, perfect for the pitter-patter of teeny troll feet.

the long bum of the law

the long bum of the law

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Providence Children’s Film Festival

Brrr. Baby, it’s cold out there!

Fortunately, the Providence Children’s Film Festival is in full swing.

As you saw from his recent post, Moonie attended the PCFFRI’s fundraising pizza night at Flatbread last month. And now he has an even better way to give back: he’ll be volunteering this weekend and next at the film showings at venues around Providence.

He attended a volunteer meeting Wednesday night, surrounded by grown-ups and kids who can’t wait to lend a helping hand.


And now he’s got his official Moonie badge (he says he is a VIPT: Very Important Pink-Haired Troll) and is off on a mission.


On this cold, cold day, warm up in a theatre with Moonie and colorful films from around the world! Check the schedule and then check out some great animated and live-action stories.