Moonie has an unexpected pal: Freddy Krueger.

Moonie loves visiting his pal at The Time Capsule, a music/comics/books/etc. store in Seekonk, MA.

It’s a great place for Moonie to try out his Freddy Krueger jokes. Which he’s done so many times, Freddy sighs when he sees Moonie coming.

“Hi, Freddy!” Moonie will holler.

(sigh) “Hi, kid,” Freddy will mumble.

“I have a joke for you!” Moonie will shout.

“Of course you do,” Freddy will grumble.

Today, he had three.


“Why does Freddy Krueger wear a hat?” Moonie asked.

“Why?” asked Freddy, knowing Moonie would tell him anyway.

“Because he ran out of scare spray!” Moonie shouted, and burst into laughter. But he wasn’t done.

“What’s Freddy Krueger’s favorite Italian dish?” Moonie asked.

“What?” Freddy asked, looking curious.

“Fettuccine a-fraido!” Moonie yelled, then laughed even more.

Freddy waited patiently for Moonie to pull himself together.

“What do you get when you cross Cheerios and Freddy Krueger?”

“What?” asked Freddy, looking puzzled indeed.

“A CEREAL KILLER!” Moonie screamed, and laughed so hard he rolled onto the floor.

“You OK, kid?” Freddy asked, looking at the tiny troll way, way down on the ground.

“I’m fine!” Moonie said, beaming up at his friend.

“Darn,” Freddy whispered to himself.






One comment

  1. kingnixon · February 27, 2018

    “Fettuccine a-fraido” bahaha I’m stealing that one


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