Providence Children’s Film Festival + Pizza + Ponies

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! It’s February, and that means all kinds of cool film festivals descending on Providence, like the Oscar Nominated Short Films, and the French Film Festival, and of course the Providence Children’s Film Festival! As you can see, Moonie’s looking forward to that one.


Moonie’s friend Elaine is an annual volunteer at the PCFF, and she invited us to join her a couple of weeks ago at a fundraising night held for the PCFF at Flatbread Providence. Moonie was so excited to be able to both eat and help out a fun cause, he was even happy to dig into a healthy salad!


But he was even happier to dig into the pulled pork, red onion and goat cheese pizza Elaine and I split with him.


And maybe it was his full belly, or maybe the snippets of PCFF films playing in the background, or maybe all the happy kids running around shrieking and tumbling in their play area, but at one point, for Moonie, love was in the air. He found a pretty little lady who didn’t mind his red onion breath at all. When I looked up, I caught them sweetly preparing to hug.


How cute; they were both pretty in pink.

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