Food Truck Fridays

Moonie wants to remind all his friends that there are just TWO Food Truck Fridays left for the year at Roger Williams Park. Yes, two!

Two chances to check out all manner of food and drink on wheels.


Two chances to eat your Friskie Fries before this little devil helps himself.

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Oh. My. Goodness.
Moonie realized we haven’t posted about his adventures in 22 days, and he’s afraid his friends and fans will worry that he hasn’t been enjoying adventures and yummy treats, too.

Well, we can assure you, he’s enjoyed both.

He even managed – on his third try this month – to get to PVDonuts before they sold out of doughnuts. So he was one happy Moonie.

He arrived last Wednesday just after PVDonuts opened at 8 a.m., and there was already a line stretching around the building. Moonie patiently waited a whole half-hour (that’s a long time for a hungry little troll) until he made his way to the counter. He only got a LITTLE sidetracked by the yummy cakes on display from Sin Bakery, which shares retail space with PVDonuts.

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Moonie and I were making a quick run to Trader Joe’s at lunchtime today when he suddenly squealed, “BALLOONS!”

Then, heedless of traffic, my nude little dude raced across the parking lot, where a bunch of red and white balloons announced the big Rhode Island grand opening of a place called “Smashburger.” I caught up to Moonie, who’d slipped inside the door and was gazing in awe at the big SMASH sign on the wall.


“Do they really smash burgers here?” he asked, his amber eyes wide.
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Masquerade Ball

Although New Year’s Eve is a terrific occasion for masquerade balls, Moonie was ahead of the curve; he and I attended one last month for Sojourner House, a wonderful organization that provides all kinds of support service to victims of domestic assault and their families. Moonie couldn’t wait to get us tickets knowing they’d go toward such a good cause! He also stayed in his little Moonie workshop all day to make us matching masquerade ball masks.


In no time, my tiny handsome date and I were ready to rock!


As soon as we walked into the ball, Moonie was photobombing the decked-out guests, loving the wonderful atmosphere.

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Ice Cream, You Scream

On our way back from our walk to Blackstone Boulevard, Moonie spotted a bunch of people hanging out at Three Sisters, enjoying homemade ice cream on this unusually warm day.

“Ice cream! Ice cream!” Moonie chanted, hopping from foot to foot. He made a good argument, and we went in.

I THOUGHT they made a peppermint stick, but the nice lady behind the counter informed us they didn’t, although they MAY have made it once. She bent over backwards to find a similar flavor for Moonie and me, having us sample the dirty garden mint (the sharpness of fresh mint combined with the richness of dark chocolate chips). Moonie voted that we get a cup of it, and we settled with our ice cream at a little outdoor table.


It didn’t take long for him to ditch the spoon. Sometimes, when something is yummy, you just gotta dive in.


The Spectacular Cookie Smackdown!

Moonie has a lot of trouble choosing a favorite anything. But he’ll admit one thing: his favorite food group is cookies.

So it was a treat to arrive at Hope Artiste Village this afternoon for Rhode Island Food Fights’ annual Spectacular Cookie Smackdown. Ten different bakeries were scattered throughout the village’s long hallways offering multiple flavors of delicious cookies, while Yacht Club Soda provided cold soda samples and New Harvest Coffee Roasters offered nice hot coffee.

We arrived early, at Moonie’s insistence, and he hopped back and forth from foot to foot, periodically asking, “Is it cookie time yet?”


Suddenly we heard a merry jingling of bells, and Moonie’s amber eyes bugged out. “It’s Santa, it’s Santa, it’s Santa!” He shrieked. It was the second time we’d seen Santa this weekend. What were the odds? MAGIC, that’s what.


Inside, it took only moments for us to be handed a cup of yummy root beer and then a delicious little coconut macaroon. Moonie was off to a very happy start!

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Moonie and I had a great afternoon at #CelebrateDowncity, a fun event our friend Chris Daltry curated in downtown Providence with a bunch of talented singers performing Christmas songs, plus all kinds of yummy food trucks. We stopped in all the local shops, enjoying wonderful wares, as we made our way to the action.

At Grant’s Block, Moonie got to hang with his little buddy Poco Loco while we waited for our tacos.


He wolfed his tacos quickly so he could go check out Allysen Callery and her daughter Ava. The two of them are super talented and so adorable!


Moonie also admired the little ears sewn into performer Chris Monti’s holiday hat. They were elf-eared twins!

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Lord of the Pies, Stop 14: Tomaselli’s at Rosario

Oh boy oh boy! Moonie thought we had finished Lord of the Pies, but the nice folks at Tomaselli’s at Rosario are still accepting pizza passports through Friday. So of course we had to go last night!

When we arrived, we finally understood their name. Tomaselli’s is the restaurant inside of a social club called Rosario’s that hosts bunches of functions. Moonie liked that they had a few Christmas trees and a disco ball around their function room.


And he made himself right at home on the fancy leather office chairs that spin around. What a fun way to sit around a bar!


Then he had to hop up on said bar because he wanted to see what was on TV.

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Lord of the Pies, Stop 13

Oops – Moonie and I had a little trouble trying Andrews Commons. It didn’t occur to us that they’d be closed while Brown University was on Thanksgiving break; they were open only to fill pie orders over the weekend. Then Moonie and I went to the 211 Bowen Street address on the Lord of the Pies coupon and walked around and around trying locked dorm doors until poor Moonie’s lower lip quivered in disappointment. Luckily, the folks behind Rhode Island Food Fights are awesome and put each business’s phone number as well as address on each coupon, so I got ahold of someone to ask. The guy on the phone said they’d be back in business on Monday and also suggested using Cushing Street to find a path leading to the Commons’ main entrance, which is open to the public after 10:00 each morning. So tonight, Moonie and I and Slothy the Sloth and Dan strolled through Brown’s pretty campus and found Andrews Common behind a row of tall windows.


Inside, it was very bright and clean and modern.


There were three choices for pizza, and Moonie went for the barbecue chicken ranch. He’s been on a bit of a chicken pizza kick.

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