Lord of the Pies, Stop 14: Tomaselli’s at Rosario

Oh boy oh boy! Moonie thought we had finished Lord of the Pies, but the nice folks at Tomaselli’s at Rosario are still accepting pizza passports through Friday. So of course we had to go last night!

When we arrived, we finally understood their name. Tomaselli’s is the restaurant inside of a social club called Rosario’s that hosts bunches of functions. Moonie liked that they had a few Christmas trees and a disco ball around their function room.


And he made himself right at home on the fancy leather office chairs that spin around. What a fun way to sit around a bar!


Then he had to hop up on said bar because he wanted to see what was on TV.


But we were there for pizza, and soon Moonie got down to business choosing what he wanted.


Our Lord of the Pies passports were good for half of a small pizza, which at Rosario’s means half of a pizza the size of a cafeteria try. Not small at all! Moonie zoomed in on the “chicken honey” – a garlic pizza topped with breaded pieces of chicken topped with honey mustard, cheddar cheese, and bacon.

His eyes nearly bugged out when the pizza arrived.


It was almost as tall as he was!


Moonie thought that Dan’s vegetarian pizza looked pretty good, too.


Um, I think he really liked the chicken honey.


He hopped up and down on the way out, shouting “Rhode Island Food Fights! Rhode Island Food Fights!” It turned out that Tomaselli’s had won second place in their recent burger competition, and a fun waiter was holding the plate in one hand and a little Christmas tree in the other.


Moonie, of course, had to tell the waiter some of his favorite burger jokes before we could leave.

“Do they serve burgers in Trannsylvania?
Very rare-ly!”

“How did the jury find the burger?
Grill-ty as charred!”

“How do meat eaters prevent crime?
With burger alarms!”

“Why was the burger laughing?
It was pickle-ish!”

“How do you get a burger to do the Hula?
Order a burger and a shake!”

I think Moonie is glad we stopped in at Tomaselli’s. The people were nice, the food was good, the chairs were spinny and comfy, and he didn’t get kicked out for his bad jokes!

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