Brett’s Birthday

Today is Brett Davey’s birthday! Brett is a great guy who supports local music and makes fantastic videos. He’s funny and talented and he was nice enough to invite me and Moonie to his birthday party on Saturday, which was held at the gorgeous Columbus Theatre. Moonie was already giggling when we walked up and saw the marquee.


Then we got inside, and Moonie found some room for our cupcakes while drooling over all the other yummy-looking goodies on the table.


There is always some kind of artwork on the second of the Columbus’ three levels. Moonie found this sculpture that was part train, part animal-hide-upholstered bench.


He also admired the cake-topping photo of a young Brett. Tee hee!


More than 20 different performers were on the bill to sing and play songs by either Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello, as this was an “Elvis vs. Elvis” party. When we arrived, the theatre was already filling up with people excited for the show.


Brett kicked off the performances, joined by his pal Scott Bowers, on “Welcome to the Working Week.”


Next was Brian McKenzie with Bob Mac from The Red Pennys on upright bass covering “That’s Alright, Mama.”


Next was Tom Duksta, whom Moonie loves seeing perform with The Rank Strangers, playing “Almost Blue.” Moonie whispered to me that Tom is pretty awesome solo, too!


Next was Steven Knudde singing “What’s So Funny about Peace, Love, and Understanding?”


Ian Fitzgerald sang two beautiful songs, “So Like Candy” and “I Hope You’re Happy Now.” Moonie always loves seeing Ian perform. They also have the same hair stylist.


Ian was followed by Erik Narwhal, who walked onto the stage dressed as Elvis Presley and had the audience hooting over his funny and enthusiastic renditions of “It’s Now or Never” and “Burning Love” while he tickled the ivories, and by Alex Agronick covering Costello’s well-known “Suspicious Minds.” Moonie was in charge of taking photos of Erik and Alex, as I was off digging out my guitar to follow them with a little performance, but Moonie was enjoying the show too much to snap pics. Ah well! At least he had fun.

I’m pretty sure Brett introduced this next fella as “Louie Bourbon,” and I’m pretty sure this guy introduced himself to Moonie and me as Jay. Whatever his name, Moonie thinks he did a great job, both solo and joined by Bob Mac.


Next, the lovely Malyssa Bellrosa did a lovely arrangement of “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.”


D. Clifford Carnes, who Brett explained went by Dave Carney and a few other aliases, did a great job on “Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.”


Brett joined his funny guitar teacher Wally Winsor for a fantastic version of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” Wally was pretty great on his solo number, too.


A highlight of the evening was 10-year-old Bedros Kevorkian wailing on Presley’s “Hound Dog.” (“That kid’s going places,” Moonie whispered.)


Next up was the most wonderful thing of all: “Taking Care of Business,” an all-star group of local performers playing for the first time together. Moonie has posed with and posted about Allysen Callery and Chris Daltry (of The ‘Mericans) before, and they were joined by Bob Mac from The Red Pennys and Michael Samos (formerly of Brown Bird) and talented drummer Jason O’Neill. What a group!


Such fun versions of “Don’t Be Cruel,” “Mystery Train,” and “Good Luck Charm.”


We hope these guys team up again in the future!


Pat Baron, with John Reddington on drums, followed TCB with a great cover of “Love Me Tender.” It was hard to photograph them with our little camera phone from the back of the theatre, but he was wearing actual blue suede shoes!

Pat and Brett ended the night with a crooning duet of “Blue Christmas.” What a end to a fantastic party.


Happy birthday to Brett!



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