Gotcha Day

“Gotcha Day” is how adopted members of families celebrate the day they joined the family.

Friends, today is Moonie’s Gotcha Day. I found him – or he found me – exactly one year ago today, and he’s been looking forward to celebrating.

And not just for the cake.


Moonie has had a truly wonderful year. I have no idea where he was for the first 30 years of his life (he may look underage, but he’s been around since 1985!), and he isn’t telling. But between April 25, 2015 and April 25, 2016, I’ve seen this nude little dude enjoy himself immensely. His love for people, animals, music, art, rainbows, cookies, and jokes is limitless. And since his little hands have a hard time typing and I handle the blogging for him, he has asked me very nicely to say “thank you” to all of his friends who have given him smiles and hugs – only a few of whom are pictured, because a collage of everyone Moonie loves would be impossibly huge.


He is giving smiles and hugs right back to you.


Moonie’s friend MDB (“Emmm Deee Beee!” he shouted happily, recognizing the initials) had a birthday recently. Like a true music lover, he used that as an excuse to host a songwriter in the round with two of his talented friends, Abbie Gardner and Jesse Terry.


And, like a true music lover, Moonie bought us tickets to the show, with his spiky pink head as close to the stage as he could get.

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Brett’s Birthday

Today is Brett Davey’s birthday! Brett is a great guy who supports local music and makes fantastic videos. He’s funny and talented and he was nice enough to invite me and Moonie to his birthday party on Saturday, which was held at the gorgeous Columbus Theatre. Moonie was already giggling when we walked up and saw the marquee.


Then we got inside, and Moonie found some room for our cupcakes while drooling over all the other yummy-looking goodies on the table.


There is always some kind of artwork on the second of the Columbus’ three levels. Moonie found this sculpture that was part train, part animal-hide-upholstered bench.


He also admired the cake-topping photo of a young Brett. Tee hee!

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