Ice Cream, You Scream

On our way back from our walk to Blackstone Boulevard, Moonie spotted a bunch of people hanging out at Three Sisters, enjoying homemade ice cream on this unusually warm day.

“Ice cream! Ice cream!” Moonie chanted, hopping from foot to foot. He made a good argument, and we went in.

I THOUGHT they made a peppermint stick, but the nice lady behind the counter informed us they didn’t, although they MAY have made it once. She bent over backwards to find a similar flavor for Moonie and me, having us sample the dirty garden mint (the sharpness of fresh mint combined with the richness of dark chocolate chips). Moonie voted that we get a cup of it, and we settled with our ice cream at a little outdoor table.


It didn’t take long for him to ditch the spoon. Sometimes, when something is yummy, you just gotta dive in.


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