Oh. My. Goodness.
Moonie realized we haven’t posted about his adventures in 22 days, and he’s afraid his friends and fans will worry that he hasn’t been enjoying adventures and yummy treats, too.

Well, we can assure you, he’s enjoyed both.

He even managed – on his third try this month – to get to PVDonuts before they sold out of doughnuts. So he was one happy Moonie.

He arrived last Wednesday just after PVDonuts opened at 8 a.m., and there was already a line stretching around the building. Moonie patiently waited a whole half-hour (that’s a long time for a hungry little troll) until he made his way to the counter. He only got a LITTLE sidetracked by the yummy cakes on display from Sin Bakery, which shares retail space with PVDonuts.


But he remembered his purpose and reached the nice young lady waiting with tissue paper in hand for his order – where Moonie hemmed and hawed over choosing just TWO doughnut flavors out of EIGHT gourmet doughnut flavors. (He didn’t want the not-picked flavors to feel bad. Plus, they ALL sounded delicious.)

He finally chose a strawberry frosted – because he thinks everything should be topped with pink – and an old-fashioned chocolate doughnut with mint chocolate ganache. Yum! He was so excited, Moonie tap-danced on the bakery box.


As soon as we carried the box into the house, Moonie was inside it, eyeing his huge round prizes.


I made the mistake of looking away for a moment, and the strawberry-frosted doughnut disappeared into my troll’s tummy while he grinned a strawberry-frosted grin.


And Moonie must have been on a roll, because before I knew it, the chocolate doughnut was gone, too.


So fear not, Moonie friends and fans. He may have been quiet online, but the dude hasn’t stopped eating or smiling yet.

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