Red Bandana Award

Each year, in honor of the late but great Richard Walton (a very nice man and humanitarian whom I fondly remember introducing all Stone Soup music acts while clad in his overalls, red bandana, and Santa beard), who held an annual community party featuring music and fun and food, people who improve the human condition are recognized in an award ceremony at Nick-a-Nee’s featuring – of course – music and fun and food. Today is the fourth annual Red Bandana Awards ceremony, which will recognize Sarath Suong of the Providence Student Union Movement and Artemis Moonhawk of the Mama Dreads Mission of Love. Congratulations to both winners!

Moonie and I have a conflict, but he did pull out some photographs of last year’s Red Bandana Fund awards, which he had enjoyed intently. Here he is checking out the stock of red bandanas for sale at the event.


He then borrowed my cell phone to take photos of The Gnomes playing live.


He sure does love those gnomes!


(I hear they are loosely related to trolls.)


Moonie’s little voice hooted loudly when Bill Harley demonstrated just how many red bandanas it was possible to wear at once.


Suddenly, the little dude was hooting, “ERB! ERB!”


His favorite red, white and shiny marching band, who are humanitarians themselves, donate their time by performing at the Red Bandana Awards.


They played a number of songs inside, but even when we thought they were done, they still had a few more tunes for the happy crowd despite a steadily-increasing rainfall.

It’s raining for the Red Bandana Awards this year, but Moonie and I know there will still be plenty of music and merriment – just as Richard would have wanted it. Congratulations again to this year’s winners!

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