Moonie and I had a great afternoon at #CelebrateDowncity, a fun event our friend Chris Daltry curated in downtown Providence with a bunch of talented singers performing Christmas songs, plus all kinds of yummy food trucks. We stopped in all the local shops, enjoying wonderful wares, as we made our way to the action.

At Grant’s Block, Moonie got to hang with his little buddy Poco Loco while we waited for our tacos.


He wolfed his tacos quickly so he could go check out Allysen Callery and her daughter Ava. The two of them are super talented and so adorable!


Moonie also admired the little ears sewn into performer Chris Monti’s holiday hat. They were elf-eared twins!


Moonie tried to take a few photos of the action around him at Providence Flea, a funky flea market held today only at Aurora, but he mostly ended up taking selfies.


He also dug through some of the smaller vinyls from the What Cheer Records + Vintage booth. Moonie is serious about his tunes; he’ll climb right into a crate to check out the merchandise.


In fact, Moonie saw a whole lot of people digging through vinyl today!


He got to hang out with his beautiful friend Melanie Moore – but no hugs as she has a cold – and the incomparable Beth Comery. Then Moonie was overjoyed to run into recent birthday boy Brett Davey. After exchanging a complicated gang handshake, they both blinked for a photo.


OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS did we know who that guy in the red suit was?!?

OH MY GOODNESS, IT WAS SANTA CLAUS. His eyes shining, my nude little dude rushed to go meet the North Pole’s most famous resident (after Rudolph, of course).

Moonie made sure to tell Santa ALL the things he wants because he was a good boy this year. The list involved a whole lot of cookies and a little world peace, too.


He wanted me to pose with him and Santa, too. Santa’s helper was nice enough to take this Polaroid of us.


Thanks, Santa and American Express, for our free bag! The message about shopping “small” really resonated with my three-inch-tall sidekick.


After their set was over, Moonie wanted nothing more than to say hi to the lovely Allysen Callery and her daughter Ava.


Are these ladies not the cutest thing in the world?

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