Moonie and I had a great afternoon at #CelebrateDowncity, a fun event our friend Chris Daltry curated in downtown Providence with a bunch of talented singers performing Christmas songs, plus all kinds of yummy food trucks. We stopped in all the local shops, enjoying wonderful wares, as we made our way to the action.

At Grant’s Block, Moonie got to hang with his little buddy Poco Loco while we waited for our tacos.


He wolfed his tacos quickly so he could go check out Allysen Callery and her daughter Ava. The two of them are super talented and so adorable!


Moonie also admired the little ears sewn into performer Chris Monti’s holiday hat. They were elf-eared twins!

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Moonie’s Mail: Allysen Callery

Moonie has an excellent system for sorting mail. Even though everything comes addressed to me, he’ll snatch the stack in his grubby little hands and sort it lightening-fast. Anything that looks like a bill is mine. Anything that looks fun (card, invitation, or anything with fireworks stamps) is Moonie’s.


He was quite pleased, therefore, when “he” received a special treat: a copy of Allysen Callery’s Simple Folk Radio Session.

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“Don’t Stop the Music”

What a wonderful concept: the Providence Public Library is just about halfway through its three-month hosting of “Don’t Stop the Music”, a celebration of music and music making. The library is hosting a mixture of exhibits, workshops, films, and live music (curated by my friend Chris Daltry) in its gorgeous 193-year-old halls. Last night Moonie and I caught three amazing acts of live music among its marbled halls: Chris Daltry and Mark Howard from The ‘Mericans; Allysen Callery; and John Faraone joined by his very tall but very lovely-voiced friend Thomas Woulfe. Moonie was in heaven during the performance, and of course he had to pop up on stage when it was over to absorb the last few notes of music still echoing in the library’s hallowed halls. Apparently the music is easier to hear if you pull some surfing moves on the music stand.

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Moonie & Allysen Callery

Moonie and I love Allysen Callery. Self-proclaimed “quiet music for a loud world,” she consistently features a beautifully lilting voice and soft, melodic fingerpicking that make every performance feel like an intimate gift from her soul to yours. She’s one of my absolute favorites on the Rhode Island folk scene.

Last night, after enjoying Allysen’s otherworldly music, Moonie got a special treat. Allysen fondly gathered him in her lap along with an array of little candles. As she was wearing a long black dress and as she’d mentioned during her set that someone had accused her (in a good way, there’s a story there) of being a witch, I had to ask, “Are you putting a spell on Moonie? What is it?”

Without missing a beat her sweet voice responded, “I’m wishing Moonie joy and a lifetime of finding things to do.”


The spell is already coming true. Thank you, Allysen.