Moonie & Allysen Callery

Moonie and I love Allysen Callery. Self-proclaimed “quiet music for a loud world,” she consistently features a beautifully lilting voice and soft, melodic fingerpicking that make every performance feel like an intimate gift from her soul to yours. She’s one of my absolute favorites on the Rhode Island folk scene.

Last night, after enjoying Allysen’s otherworldly music, Moonie got a special treat. Allysen fondly gathered him in her lap along with an array of little candles. As she was wearing a long black dress and as she’d mentioned during her set that someone had accused her (in a good way, there’s a story there) of being a witch, I had to ask, “Are you putting a spell on Moonie? What is it?”

Without missing a beat her sweet voice responded, “I’m wishing Moonie joy and a lifetime of finding things to do.”


The spell is already coming true. Thank you, Allysen.

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