Moonie’s Mail: Allysen Callery

Moonie has an excellent system for sorting mail. Even though everything comes addressed to me, he’ll snatch the stack in his grubby little hands and sort it lightening-fast. Anything that looks like a bill is mine. Anything that looks fun (card, invitation, or anything with fireworks stamps) is Moonie’s.


He was quite pleased, therefore, when “he” received a special treat: a copy of Allysen Callery’s Simple Folk Radio Session.


Allysen recorded this with Bob Kendall for her last tour, and she handmade the EP using photos of 1930s-era tube radios her husband had restored.

Moonie loved that Allysen’s EP was accompanied by a black-and-white photo of one of the vintage radios. He toddled right off with the photo, ready to apply it to some mysterious Moonie purpose.


He did come back, though, because he couldn’t wait to hear the songs. He’s been playing all six of them on repeat, trying to add squeaky little troll harmonies to Allysen’s lovely and moody trills (it’s a work in progress).


In fact, he’s having himself a little bubble bath in the sink right now, and I can hear him belting out Allysen’s song “Crabapple” from the folk radio sessions. Maybe he won’t notice if I quietly turn up Allysen’s version instead.

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