Ghost Bridge

There’s a bridge over the Seekonk River, off the Fox Point neighborhood in Providence, that has been stuck in the open position since being abandoned nearly 40 years ago.


Some call this the Crook Point Bascule Bridge.


Some call it the Seekonk River Drawbridge.


Many call it the Ghost Bridge for its sense of abandonment.


Moonie, of course, calls it the Whee Bridge.


The very first day Moonie came into my life last April, I’d dedicated that sunny afternoon to exploring Fox Point, taking photos of pretty things and quirky things. I love climbing out onto the Ghost Bridge, which is a little sketchy thanks to rotting railroad ties leading out to it and to an insistent, ever-present wind threatening to blow one off-course, but which affords nice views and a mix of peacefulness and the thrill of adventure. That afternoon, I heard what I’d thought was an inanimate toy say his very first word. From inside of my pocketbook, I distinctly heard Moonie’s little voice shout, “Whee!” And then out popped that spiky little pink head.


Moonie has had many more chances to say whee, as he can find fun in anything, but we’ve made a number of trips onto the Ghost Bridge since last spring, and we’ve always enjoyed the view from Moonie’s Whee Bridge.

There’s always a strong breeze to run through his pink locks.


And there’s always graffiti to look at, which changes a bit with each trip.




There’s always an interesting view of the Seekonk River flowing past way down below, visible between the railroad ties.


And there’s always an interesting walk back to level ground while battling breezes and sometimes very wide gaps in the ties and beams.



He may act tough, but Moonie always looks happiest, and a little relieved, when he’s back on the shore – just in time to ask when we can go out on the Ghost Bridge again.


Soon, little dude. Soon.

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