Jury Duty

In February, we received a blue form summoning us to jury duty.

“Oh boy!” Moonie shouted, excited to serve his civic duty.

Oh boy, indeed.

We showed up along with lots and lots of other people – so many that the shuttle bus had to promise to come back for the rest of us. Then we arrived at Superior Court, where security guards had to run my pocketbook through the X-ray machine three times because of “suspicious noises.”

(“What was that about?” I asked Moonie when I was finally handed my bag. “Were you giggling?”
“Well, it tickled!” Moonie retorted.)

We then took this very pretty elevator to the 4th floor jury lounge.


Moonie enjoyed the court’s long hallways, perfect for the pitter-patter of teeny troll feet.

the long bum of the law

the long bum of the law

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Providence Children’s Film Festival

Brrr. Baby, it’s cold out there!

Fortunately, the Providence Children’s Film Festival is in full swing.

As you saw from his recent post, Moonie attended the PCFFRI’s fundraising pizza night at Flatbread last month. And now he has an even better way to give back: he’ll be volunteering this weekend and next at the film showings at venues around Providence.

He attended a volunteer meeting Wednesday night, surrounded by grown-ups and kids who can’t wait to lend a helping hand.


And now he’s got his official Moonie badge (he says he is a VIPT: Very Important Pink-Haired Troll) and is off on a mission.


On this cold, cold day, warm up in a theatre with Moonie and colorful films from around the world! Check the schedule and then check out some great animated and live-action stories.

Ghost Bridge

There’s a bridge over the Seekonk River, off the Fox Point neighborhood in Providence, that has been stuck in the open position since being abandoned nearly 40 years ago.


Some call this the Crook Point Bascule Bridge.


Some call it the Seekonk River Drawbridge.


Many call it the Ghost Bridge for its sense of abandonment.


Moonie, of course, calls it the Whee Bridge.

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45 rp(whee!)m Dance Party

“Whee!” is the first word I heard Moonie say on the first day we met. “Whee!” was his reaction to being lifted off the shelf of an antique shop and placed (after purchase) in my pocketbook. “Whee!” was his reaction to us walking a few blocks away to climb onto the Ghost Bridge amid strong wind gusts to enjoy the view. “Whee!” was his reaction to getting to see Cardboard Ox play in Dedham that evening. And “Whee!” was his reaction to me putting a record on the record player that night after we got home. He stood on the record as it played, enjoying being gently spun around, and to this day he calls records “whees.”

So you can guess that he was pretty happy about being invited by his friend J.J. to a 45 rpm (r-pWHEE-m, as Moonie would call it) record dance party at The Parlour last night. He had a whole entire room of whees!


He also got to stand near his beloved Marshall stacks. The Marshall stacks gods smiled down, bestowing a beam of light on Moonie.


And then he had himself a ball crawling into people’s food baskets to sample their sliders and pasta salads. He’s lucky he’s cute.

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Godzilla and More!

Last night Moonie and I headed to the AS220 Project Space to view “Toy Portraits” by Sandy MacDonald Studio, which is on display now through January 30th. He was so excited to see paintings of some of his toy friends!

It was so crowded, packed to the gills with art lovers and well-wishers, that we first ducked into the non-Sandy half of the project space to view works by talented artist Antoine Revoy. His whimsical illustrations featured interesting and colorful character concepts. Moonie really liked “Meteorites (Noah’s Ark)” – although he was a little concerned that the polar bears’ tummies looked suspiciously full.


But then we found a break in the crowd and headed in to see Sandy’s paintings in their own special little room. Oh boy!

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My nude little dude loves color and movement and flowers. So colorful, moving flower-shaped pinwheels are sure to draw excited squeals as he runs over to hug them.


Unfortunately, he sometimes get a little too carried away with his hugging while the pinwheels are moving. During such times, I’ll generally hear a strange noise followed by Moonie very calmly stating, “Uh oh.”

Then I’ll tend to look over and see this:
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