45 rp(whee!)m Dance Party

“Whee!” is the first word I heard Moonie say on the first day we met. “Whee!” was his reaction to being lifted off the shelf of an antique shop and placed (after purchase) in my pocketbook. “Whee!” was his reaction to us walking a few blocks away to climb onto the Ghost Bridge amid strong wind gusts to enjoy the view. “Whee!” was his reaction to getting to see Cardboard Ox play in Dedham that evening. And “Whee!” was his reaction to me putting a record on the record player that night after we got home. He stood on the record as it played, enjoying being gently spun around, and to this day he calls records “whees.”

So you can guess that he was pretty happy about being invited by his friend J.J. to a 45 rpm (r-pWHEE-m, as Moonie would call it) record dance party at The Parlour last night. He had a whole entire room of whees!


He also got to stand near his beloved Marshall stacks. The Marshall stacks gods smiled down, bestowing a beam of light on Moonie.


And then he had himself a ball crawling into people’s food baskets to sample their sliders and pasta salads. He’s lucky he’s cute.


But the “whees” were the most important thing for Moonie, because people brought a whole bunch of different records to dance to. He got a spin as the world’s tiniest DJ.


He also got to dance with his friends. I was lucky to get this shot in just as he jumped up in excitement, ready to run into a circle of happily dancing people.


He quickly disappeared in the crowd (not permanently, thank goodness), but I was hearing all kinds of reports of his dance moves during the night.

Apparently he can do a pretty good pony and a swell robot.

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