My nude little dude loves color and movement and flowers. So colorful, moving flower-shaped pinwheels are sure to draw excited squeals as he runs over to hug them.


Unfortunately, he sometimes get a little too carried away with his hugging while the pinwheels are moving. During such times, I’ll generally hear a strange noise followed by Moonie very calmly stating, “Uh oh.”

Then I’ll tend to look over and see this:


It’s OK, though, as Moonie is pretty impenetrable to injury. He’ll just hang out, patiently waiting with a smile for me to untangle him and get him down. And then he’ll see the shiny colors and shriek, “Pin-WHEE-l!” and be off to hug another one.

And sometimes he’ll shriek “pinWHEEl!” about something that isn’t even a pinwheel.

“Um, Moonie, buddy, that’s not…” I tried to explain, but quickly shut up.

Maybe he’ll win us some cookie money.

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