My nude little dude loves color and movement and flowers. So colorful, moving flower-shaped pinwheels are sure to draw excited squeals as he runs over to hug them.


Unfortunately, he sometimes get a little too carried away with his hugging while the pinwheels are moving. During such times, I’ll generally hear a strange noise followed by Moonie very calmly stating, “Uh oh.”

Then I’ll tend to look over and see this:
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After meeting his new pal Kelly last weekend, Moonie decided he wanted to try hula hooping.

Here he goes!



Well, you kind of have to use your imagination, because he’s just a teeny bit too small to lift and rotate the hoop.

But he claims he’s nearly got the hang of it.


Best of luck, my little friend.


At some point I ended up with one of those trick puzzles where everything looks alike. In this case, it was a field of baked beans.


It really was hard, and I’m grateful that it was only 100 pieces, as a 1,000-piece puzzle would have been a killer. Frankly, I was overjoyed when Moonie proudly put the 100th and final piece in place.


Mostly so he’d stop singing the “beans, beans, good for your heart” song over and over.


Moonie is my buddy. My pal. My guy. My sidekick.

But I still wouldn’t recommend playing pool with him.

He’s too little to lift the big long heavy cue sticks, so instead he’ll run around the table rolling each ball by hand and giggling like a maniac. And he isn’t entirely interested in the rules so much as the fun, so he’ll happily scratch the cue ball or sink the 8 ball before he’s finished getting the solids and stripes into the holes.


It’s cute to watch him running around with the balls, but it sure takes a loooong time to play a game, and you’ll probably end up with a grumpy line of biker dudes waiting for you and Moonie to finish.

Maybe play chess instead. If you’re OK with him trying to ride the knight pieces like horsies, that is.