Gotcha Day

“Gotcha Day” is how adopted members of families celebrate the day they joined the family.

Friends, today is Moonie’s Gotcha Day. I found him – or he found me – exactly one year ago today, and he’s been looking forward to celebrating.

And not just for the cake.


Moonie has had a truly wonderful year. I have no idea where he was for the first 30 years of his life (he may look underage, but he’s been around since 1985!), and he isn’t telling. But between April 25, 2015 and April 25, 2016, I’ve seen this nude little dude enjoy himself immensely. His love for people, animals, music, art, rainbows, cookies, and jokes is limitless. And since his little hands have a hard time typing and I handle the blogging for him, he has asked me very nicely to say “thank you” to all of his friends who have given him smiles and hugs – only a few of whom are pictured, because a collage of everyone Moonie loves would be impossibly huge.


He is giving smiles and hugs right back to you.

Sad Cookies

I got some bad news on Thursday and was pretty mopey that night. Moonie tried telling me his favorite knock-knock jokes and even cuddled up into the crook of my arm, but sometimes even Moonie doesn’t chase away the blues.

Then his face brightened. “You know what we need?”
“What?” I asked.
“Sad cookies!” Moonie shouted.
“What are sad cookies?” I asked, picturing upside-down happy face cookies.
“Cookies that you bake when you’re sad! And then you eat ’em. And then you’re not sad anymore!”
Hey, it couldn’t hurt. Especially as he hopped to the measuring and mixing and preheating.

Soon, he was flipping the first batch onto a cooling rack to dry.


“I made them extra happy!” he shouted.

A dozen minutes later, he stood proudly over the second and final batch. “See? No more sads!” he shouted.

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My nude little dude loves color and movement and flowers. So colorful, moving flower-shaped pinwheels are sure to draw excited squeals as he runs over to hug them.


Unfortunately, he sometimes get a little too carried away with his hugging while the pinwheels are moving. During such times, I’ll generally hear a strange noise followed by Moonie very calmly stating, “Uh oh.”

Then I’ll tend to look over and see this:
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Yesterday, Moonie got to wake up to the magic of snow.


Tickled pink – or at least pinker than usual – he jumped in, ready to make snow angels.


Unfortunately, they all came out as circles, not angels.

Must be all those cookies he eats.

Advent Calendar

I didn’t have advent calendars growing up. It’s not like I had a deprived childhood; it just wasn’t a tradition for us. But Moonie spotted one that had cute little teddy bears and he begged and begged and begged for it.


Last night was the first night of December, so Moonie excitedly opened the little door marked “1,” holding his little breath in anticipation.

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A “supermoon” is when the moon comes close to (“close” still meaning a couple hundred thousand miles away from) the Earth.

A “blood moon,” or total lunar eclipse, is when the Earth, the moon and the sun all align in a straight line when the moon is full so that the Earth’s shadow blocks out the sun’s light at night.

A “Moonie” is a nAughty litTle troll gigGling and pressing random keys as I’m tryin4 to type th@s PosT. Moonie, cut that 0Ut!

You little goober.

Where were we? Ah, yes. Given that Moonie and I both love the moon, we happily watched the sky Sunday night for the total lunar eclipse of what Moonie likes to call the “Supermoon(ie).”

It started off gorgeous as we watched the big full moon rise through the trees.


Up a little higher….


Then the lunar eclipse started off very slowly with just a smudge of darkness on the left.

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The Wish

A couple of months ago, Moonie and I were enjoying a sunny spring day in Providence when he noticed a dandelion.

“Ooh!” he squealed. “A wish flower!” He toddled over to hug it.


“Aw, are you going to make a wish, buddy?”

“Yeah!” he shouted. He took the biggest breath his little troll lungs could hold and exhaled as hard as he could, blowing just a few of the teeny seeds into the air as he screamed, “COOKIES!”

“Um, Moonie, I bet you could blow even bigger if you weren’t yelling at the same time. Plus, I hear wishes might not come true if you say them out loud.”

“Not come true!” He was horrified at the thought. But he was gung-ho and tried again, taking another big Moonie breath. This time he stage-whispered his wish as loud as he could.

“[COOKIES!]” he very quietly shouted/very loudly whispered. This time he blew a few more seeds into the air, so the dandelion was now about half-blown out. That was as good as we were going to get.

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Pink Flamingos

Moonie adores pink plastic flamingos. They’re his favorite color AND the perfect riding size.


He was sad to hear that Donald Featherstone, their creator, has passed away, so he wanted to do a tribute post.


Rest in peace, Mr. Featherstone.