A “supermoon” is when the moon comes close to (“close” still meaning a couple hundred thousand miles away from) the Earth.

A “blood moon,” or total lunar eclipse, is when the Earth, the moon and the sun all align in a straight line when the moon is full so that the Earth’s shadow blocks out the sun’s light at night.

A “Moonie” is a nAughty litTle troll gigGling and pressing random keys as I’m tryin4 to type th@s PosT. Moonie, cut that 0Ut!

You little goober.

Where were we? Ah, yes. Given that Moonie and I both love the moon, we happily watched the sky Sunday night for the total lunar eclipse of what Moonie likes to call the “Supermoon(ie).”

It started off gorgeous as we watched the big full moon rise through the trees.


Up a little higher….


Then the lunar eclipse started off very slowly with just a smudge of darkness on the left.


A little darker…


A little more…


Moonie was getting excited over the eclipse. The sun is so big and shiny that it’s kind of like the underdog is winning by having its light blocked, even if just for a little while.


After at least an hour since the first hint of shadow fell across its face, the full moon had become a half-moon.


Then less than half…


Then – BAM! I didn’t do a great job capturing it on camera, but the shadow falling across the moon suddenly turned an amazing shade of crimson.
“Is that why they call it a blood moon?” Moonie whispered.
“Yup, that’s why,” I whispered back, as in awe as he was.


The more that little sliver of light disappeared, the redder the shadow covering the moon got.


In the end, the red-shadowed moon was gorgeous to watch with the naked eye, but it was too difficult for my camera to capture.


Luckily, our friend Deb solved that problem. She found a great photo on the internet of the blood-red moon and emailed it to Moonie.


I thought he was never going to peel himself away from that amazing view. His eyes were as big and round as, well, Supermoonies.

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