Culinary Cake

Our friend Deb’s husband, “Chef Z,” is a talented instructor at Johnson & Wales University. He’s won all kinds of awards for his beautiful sculptures of dough, sugar, and other materials, and I’ve seen some of his work displayed in JWU’s culinary museum.

To Moonie’s delight, Chef Z also happens to be teaching a cakes class for JWU sophomores this semester, and he created this lovely cake as a class project.

culinary cake

Even better, Deb brought the cake into work yesterday for her lucky colleagues to consume, and Moonie jumped at the chance to look at the lovely bow and cute lipstick kisses and perfect little hearts up close.

“For me?” he asked, trying to wrap his little arms around the pretty package.
“For everyone,” Deb corrected him.
“No one’s gonna want to cut into that,” he told her.
“True,” she said, “But someone might get hungry.”
On cue, Moonie’s tiny tummy growled.
“Do you have a knife?” he asked Deb. And she did.

culinary cake 1

The cake was delicious, but the lipstick-kissed fondant really made Moonie’s day.

culinary cake

He then carried around his fondant heart all afternoon. He said it was too pretty to eat.


The dude loves his hearts.

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