Tuesday Open Mic

Every Tuesday, Rhode Island musician Joanne Lurgio hosts an open mic at Pub on Park in Cranston. Moonie and I checked it out last week, when Moonie’s pal Marc Douglas Berardo was slated as the feature act.

It didn’t take long for Moonie to ask MDB to make him a cape out of a napkin (he likes when people fashion him clothing out of found objects). He giggled delightedly as MDB gently blew air, making his long cape flap.


Moonie repaid his pal but trying to steal MDB’s beer. He’s kind of a sneak sometimes.


But he cheered loudly for his pal when it was Marc’s turn to play his fun set.


Marc sure enjoys singing his made-up songs! Even if it looks like he has cooties in this photo because no one wanted to sit directly in front of the stage.


We enjoyed a whole bunch of talented singers and strummers before and after Marc, too. I’m a big wimp about performing in public, but so many people did such a great job playing songs that night, and Joanne was so kind and welcoming, that I signed up on the fly. Here’s me (photo by MDB, who kindly lent me his guitar).


And here’s Moonie. He was having a great night between getting to wear a cape and getting recognized. A woman came up and said, “Is that Moonie?” and told us she reads about his adventures online. He may have been dressed like Super Moonie, but Moonie was a little flustered around such a pretty lady and just kind of blushed and shuffled his little feet modestly.


But he was back to jumping around in his cape when it was host Joanne’s turn to play a couple of final songs to wrap up the night.


Moonie really likes the new one she played us, “Hey hey, Hold On (say everything will be OK).” We all joined in on the chorus, and Moonie was still humming it all the way home.


In fact, I think he’s still humming it now.

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