The Good Kind of Fibbing

I was sad when Other Tiger, a lovely, creaky bookstore in Westerly, Rhode Island, closed a couple of years ago.

So I was more than uplifted when Moonie came running up in March, hooting and hopping with joy that the nice lady who co-owns Bank Square Books (his favorite bookstore in Mystic, CT) was going to co-own a new bookstore in Westerly. He begged and begged and begged to go see the new shop, Savoy Bookshop and Cafe, and, well, you’ve seen how hard it is to say no to that excited little face.

So we checked out the gorgeous new bookshop for the first time in April, admiring the lovely entrance of the snazzy space that once housed the Savoy Hotel.


The new owners took care to restore and retain lots of original features, and the overall feel is charming, historic, and sophisticated.


We love that lovely staircase, too.


Upstairs housed lots and lots of tall wooden shelves of grown-up books on fact and fiction alike, plus some comfy chairs and couches and this old steamer truck that Moonie decided was comfy as well.


He danced around on the old tiled floors


and enjoyed some of the interesting gifts on display.



Savoy recently had a big “Where’s Waldo” literary event, and Moonie enjoyed making up a little “Where’s Moonie” game and giggling as I looked around for him.


He also loves – and I mean loves – that cafe. You can always see a little tuft of pink down low, trying to choose a treat.


The nice man working there has even given Moonie a lift up onto the shelf of yummy-smelling Dave’s Coffee. If you look closely, a giggling little pink-haired troll might be on the shelf, enjoying his view of the shop and cafe.


He’ll typically end up with a big, ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie, which he’ll often take around the corner to Donahue Park to enjoy in front of the water.


But wait! He never leaves with his cookie until he’s explored ALL of the children’s section – his favorite – which takes up the whole bottom floor of Savoy. He particularly loves the little “log cabin” set up with murals and comfy beanbag chairs for quiet reading time.


Sometimes his little woodland creature friends that live in the cabin share their snacks with him.


Recently, the bookstore had held a Harry Potter event, and Moonie enjoyed adding his own little message to the big interactive board. (I couldn’t read what he wrote; it was too little and too low.)


When he wasn’t writing Muggle thoughts, Moonie was keeping an eye out for good books. A few months ago, he spotted one on the shelf by his friend Adam Shaughnessy, “The Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable FIB,” and he was ecstatic.


Now Moonie has some REALLY EXCITING NEWS. Adam has written an unbelievable FIB sequel! And Savoy is hosting a book launch for it tomorrow night! And there will be so many fun things – games! Fibber IDs and Fibber postcards for kids! Book signings by Adam! And Moonie’s favorite thing of all: SNACKS. He was so excited at the thought of all this FIB fun, he hugged the new book.


Tomorrow night, he’ll be hugging it all over again – perhaps even a copy autographed just for him.

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