I’ve been considering a new tattoo and have been wearing a temporary version of the design to see if I like it.

To show how much HE likes it, Moonie drew his own tat to match mine.


“Look! Now we’re twins!” he shouted, climbing up onto my wrist.

“Um, Moonie, isn’t that permanent marker?” I asked, worried.

He smiled. “But the fraternal kind of twins, ’cause you’re taller!”

Birthday Cake

I don’t know when Moonie’s birthday is. But when he found out that people celebrate birthdays with cake, he insisted that EVERY day was his birthday.

We compromised; first, he can celebrate each April 25th as “Gotcha Day,” as it’s the day I found and adopted him from an antique store, with his very own Moonie cake. Second, he can share cake with people when they celebrate their birthdays throughout the year. He readily accepted.

Um, Moonie, I said SHARE the cake. You look a little like you want to do more than that.

bday cake1


“I’m just looking, Mama!”

Oh, OK.

bday cake2

(I hear a soft thud, and the box holding the birthday cake quivers.)

“Moonie? What was that? Did – did you just fall into the cake?”

(slurping noises)

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Moonie’s a family-friendly guy, so this is intended to be a family-friendly blog. But sometimes, things happen.

Like when we were passing by the shop “Sweet and Nasty” in Boston in April, and Moonie was immediately mesmerized by the sweets in the window, begging to go inside. It was no use explaining that the shop was only for grown-ups. Cakes and candies, he is convinced, are for Moonies, no matter their shape or content.

He was immediately taken with some lollipops molded to look like, er, something of the male persuasion. And I just couldn’t help taking a couple of photos (later, as the store prohibits any photography) of Moonie with his two favorite choices. They’ll appear after the jump so you have time to scoot the kids out of the room.

Kids gone?


OK, here goes.
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I was home sick the other day, which meant Moonie was home, too.
I kept wondering what that rustling sound was deep in the pantry.
Turns out I totally forgot I had an old bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies back there.

Guess who found them?


He also discovered that the paper sleeves holding the cookies each made a nice little Moonie cave.

He’s asking if we can hook up cable in there.

Ice Cream

I got a little jealous seeing people all around Providence strolling with ice cream cones, so when we got home, I decided to make one of my own for me and Moonie to share. I gave it to him to hold for just a minute.

ice cream 1

When I turned back, I was greeted with this sight:

ice cream 2

Moonie says it was “too big” and that now it’s “Moonie-sized,” which means just right.

Thanks for saving me the last bite, little dude.


Moonie has never been in a pool. Unfortunately, the hotel’s pool closed at 10:00 tonight, which I’m trying to explain to Moonie was almost three hours ago. His rationale is that they kept the lights on for him to visit.


He swears he’s just dipping in his toes. I hope so. His nudity is probably some kind of health hazard.

Moonie Gets Arrested

Uh oh.
Moonie and I ran into the po-po, and it turns out there are several warrants out on him.

We tried to say it was a case of mistaken identity – as hard as this is to believe, he’s not the only naked 3-inch doll with pink hair in Rhode Island – but they weren’t having it.

He was arrested by a no-nonsense officer.


Luckily, his little arms were way too small for the cuffs, and the police agreed to let him go with a warning if he’d promise to behave in the future.

arrested 1

Moonie promised–although I thought I saw him crossing his teeny little fingers behind his back.
And was that a wink in his little amber eye?

(Thanks to the Providence Police Department for being good sports!)