Lord of the Pies, Stop 13

Oops – Moonie and I had a little trouble trying Andrews Commons. It didn’t occur to us that they’d be closed while Brown University was on Thanksgiving break; they were open only to fill pie orders over the weekend. Then Moonie and I went to the 211 Bowen Street address on the Lord of the Pies coupon and walked around and around trying locked dorm doors until poor Moonie’s lower lip quivered in disappointment. Luckily, the folks behind Rhode Island Food Fights are awesome and put each business’s phone number as well as address on each coupon, so I got ahold of someone to ask. The guy on the phone said they’d be back in business on Monday and also suggested using Cushing Street to find a path leading to the Commons’ main entrance, which is open to the public after 10:00 each morning. So tonight, Moonie and I and Slothy the Sloth and Dan strolled through Brown’s pretty campus and found Andrews Common behind a row of tall windows.


Inside, it was very bright and clean and modern.


There were three choices for pizza, and Moonie went for the barbecue chicken ranch. He’s been on a bit of a chicken pizza kick.

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