Moonie & Ellie’s Bakery

A few years ago, Ellie’s Bakery opened in Providence, diagonally across the street from where I was then working.

This made me very, very happy.

I don’t work nearby anymore, but I’ll stop in for occasional treats and sandwiches. I credit Ellie’s with being the first place to introduce me to frozen macarons (they make non-frozen, “regular” macarons as well). For frozen ones, they start with the little round and often brightly colored meringue-like cookie outsides, but instead of filling them with buttercream or ganache, they fill them with ice cream. This results in the smallest, cutest, and most delicious ice cream sandwiches you’ll ever see, and Ellie’s peddles them from a special little cart on warm days.

Ellies 2

Now that it’s finally warm again, Ellie’s tell-tale cart appeared at a recent Cinco de Mayo celebration. Moonie enjoyed his introduction to Ellie’s frozen macarons, which in honor of the occasion came in dulce de leche and Mexican spiced chocolate flavor options.

Ellies 1

Moonie was so excited, he couldn’t even stand up. He just wanted to lie there with his frozen macarons.

Whereas I just wanted to eat them.

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