Moonie and MDB, Part Deux

Moonie and I didn’t get any photos of Marc Douglas Berardo when we saw him at Tupelo Music Hall, so after Waterfire on Saturday night we headed down to MDB’s favorite haunt, Perks & Corks in Westerly, to catch his hometown show. He and his pals Ken Serio, John White and Sandy Allen were rocking by the time we walked in, and even people outside the building caught some of the joy from their noise.


Sandy Allen provided great slide action next to us. Moonie was fascinated.


When MDB and friends stopped for a break, we asked Ken Serio if it was OK for Moonie to take a photo with his percussion instruments. Ken gave us the green light, and Moonie hopped right up.

DSC_0180 (1280x851)

Things were a little tougher when MDB gave us the OK to take a photo of Moonie on his guitar. Moonie had trouble balancing, so MDB came up with this solution:

DSC_0181 (851x1280)

So yeah, now Moonie has a little trouble telling capos apart from barrettes.

DSC_0182 (1280x851)

(The good news is, he said it didn’t hurt a bit.)

The band was still rocking when we left, just minutes from midnight when the whole bar was poised to celebrate bartender Marty’s birthday.


Moonie and I hope Marty had a great one!

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