Plant Sale

Each year, the Southside Community Land Trust holds a big, all-weekend-long “rare and unusual” plant sale. Even plants that seem normal and innocuous have special SCLT powers. In past years, we’ve brought home raspberries that fruited twice a year instead of once, or digitalis that grew lush and beautiful and psychedelic enough to turn anything in our yard into a drug addict. In addition to the fabulous plants of all shapes and sizes, grouped by sun vs. shade vs. fruits and veggies and herbs and others, the plant sale boasts free music. I’ve joined my favorite local band, The ‘Mericans, on their annual plant sale set several times, as it’s impossible even for me to get stage fright playing a low-key setting in front of a tree and a chicken coop.

Moonie was really quite taken with those chickens, by the way.


Also with the random items that were being reused as planters around the property.


We got to enjoy some of Chris Monti’s solo set, which sounded unusual as this year for the first time he was plugged into an amp.


Then we enjoyed the view from Chris’ “stage” (a makeshift bench).


Moonie guarded my guitar while I wandered around a bit, checking out the plants.


And I love the strange look I got from a member of the group setting up to play after us, who understandably may not have been used to a little troll taking “moonies” in front of her bandmates.


All in all, a satisfying Sunday afternoon. Moonie and I are looking forward to next year’s plant sale!

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