Moonie & Jocie

Jocie Adams is amazing. A graduate of Brown University, she once worked for NASA (which I guess means she could be among the few people to respond with, “Well, actually, yeah” if ever asked the playground retort, “What are you, a rocket scientist?”), but she wasn’t afraid to follow her real calling, music. She’s a classical composer who plays everything from clarinet to organ to dulcimer to guitar. Her voice is absolutely beautiful, and she has made great music with her old band, The Low Anthem, and delved into cool and interesting new territory with her new band, Arc Iris. All that talent and brains and beauty could go to a person’s head, but Jocie seems totally sweet and down to earth, and she’s a big cat lover to boot. These were all good reasons to have her and Moonie meet.


Moonie all but swooned when Jocie found a plant that matched his hair.

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