The Killdevils at Oak Hill Tavern

Oh boy! The Killdevils played on Sunday at Oak Hill Tavern. These guys haven’t gotten together to play in so long that Moonie and I just had to trek down to North Kingstown for this show.

First we giggled at the sign. The space in “Killdevils” made it look more like a directive than a band name.


Then Moonie checked out the Killdevils’ instruments – you know, to make sure they were safe for musicians Chris Monti and Jake Haller, not because he liked to stand on them and pretend he was surfing.
He’s a giver like that.


He was thrilled when The Killdevils started to play right in front of him. Good view, Moonie!


He was even MORE thrilled to find out that the tavern had popcorn and peanuts for guests to munch on.


He really liked the peanuts.


Like, really, REALLY liked the peanuts.


I managed to coax him back to the music, though, because two members of the Rank Strangers got up to join the Killdevils for a song. What a great combination of musicians!


Uh oh. Once the music took a break, Moonie found the big jar of cookies at the bar. It was awful hard to pull him away.


The only thing that worked – on top of buying him a cookie – was giving him his very own Moonie-sized pencil to draw on the paper placemats. He is still perfecting his name. He’s doing a pretty good job lately.


All in all, wonderful music by Chris and Jake (and special guests), and Moonie had some compliments for the array of snacks, too.

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