Drawn Together

There’s a great non-profit, Resources for Human Development, that believes that art “breaks the barriers between people with and without disabilities.” A friend of mine had been an art therapist at RHD-RI for years, and I still love going to their shows and concerts to see what fun and beautiful and interesting things their clients have created.

This month RHD-RI has been collaborating with The Drawing Room, a Providence venue founded by photographer and artist John Jacobson to “promote drawing locally, regionally and nationally in all its glorious forms.” Together RHD-RI and The Drawing Room created “Drawn Together by Chance: A Collaboration Featuring Modified Oblique Strategies.”

Moonie and I checked out their closing reception Thursday evening and loved the scribbles, sayings and drawings that covered every inch of the Drawing Room’s long white walls. Moonie even learned a few things.


Then he studied some of the art adorning the smaller, un-scribbled-on walls.


He gets very serious when he studies art. I think he’s trying to find the hidden cookies.


I finally dragged him away when he tried hugging the happy-looking dog. I reminded him what happens when he tries to hug the happy-looking kitty at home and he ends up in a claw-filled headlock.


Moonie wasn’t convinced, but he agreed to wait and hug the doggie another day.

The backyard was filled with proud artists and their families and friends, as well as hipsters passing out barbecue and beer. I pulled Moonie away from that, too.

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