Moonie & The Mediator

Moonie and I hit The Mediator Stage a couple nights ago to see Boston-based singer Lisa Marie and her “All Shook Up” pal John Juxo.

Before the show, Moonie wanted a “moonie” (selfie) in front of the Mediator stage, so we popped upstairs for a better view. It’s a cool space, yes?


On top of the feature act, the Mediator encouraged people to sign up for their open mic, which played both before and after the feature, sandwiching the main act. In a moment of bravery/insanity, I signed up. I ended up being terrified as I played, but as you can see, Moonie was right there at my side, so that maybe helped a bit.

photo by Don Tassone

photo by Don Tassone

Lisa Marie and John Juxo were so fantastic! What a wonderful feature act. She immediately won me over with the fun percussion of her guiro and her full, pleasantly throaty voice and the happiness on her face during every song they performed. Between the piano and the accordion, Jux kept up with her on a variety of upbeat songs that swung from big band to Memphis to N’Orleans. Their infectious joy and their great chemistry made wonderful music. My only regret is not having my “real” camera one me, because the photos my cell phone takes didn’t come close to capturing those energetic moments.


Just ask Moonie, who was up on the seat wiggling his bare little bottom throughout their whole set.

(Oh! Moonie says I forgot “the most importantest thing” about the Mediator. Halfway through the night or so, they take a break for everyone to come into the kitchen and chat. There is a can for donating a few dollars to The Mediator Fellowship, which provides the venue and the food, so that one can partake in a feast of various pies, doughnuts, chips, pretzels, cheesecake, cheese curls and coffee cakes, all laid out across the giant wood table for attendees to nibble. I didn’t get any shots of Moonie with the treats because he didn’t hold still. He was just a blur of pink as he ran back and forth from one wonderous dish of goodies to the next. He seemed to just be enjoying the sights, as he’d eaten most of my dinner right before the show, but I apologize to anyone who went to take a bite of pie or cake and found a teeny Moonie bite taken out of it.)

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