Moonie’s friend MDB (“Emmm Deee Beee!” he shouted happily, recognizing the initials) had a birthday recently. Like a true music lover, he used that as an excuse to host a songwriter in the round with two of his talented friends, Abbie Gardner and Jesse Terry.


And, like a true music lover, Moonie bought us tickets to the show, with his spiky pink head as close to the stage as he could get.

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MDB at Waterfall Arts

Moonie’s musician pals Marc Douglas Berardo and John Juxo were playing a show in Maine, and Moonie insisted we drive up. So we did. Even if I had to look at his excited little bum on the dashboard the whole way.


We did stop at a rest area so Moonie could tell bear jokes to his pal Smokey Bear.


(Moonie: “What do you call bears without ears?”
Smokey: “What?”
Moonie: “Bs!”
Smokey: “Ah.”

Moonie: “Why don’t bears like fast food?”
Smokey: “Why?”
Moonie: “Because they can’t catch it!”

Moonie: “Why did Smokey get fired from his fire ranger job?”
Smokey: “Er, why?”
Moonie: “Cause he only did the BEAR minimum!”
Smokey: “Uh, kid, can you move along? I have some, uh, important fire prevention to do here.”)

But we did make it to the Waterfall Arts Center, which turned out to be totally awesome.

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John Juxo

Last night Moonie got to hang out with John Juxo, who tickles the heck out of keys and plays the heck out of accordions. I can’t even keep the dozens of bands and acts Jux plays with straight, but he seems to make music most often with The Goods, Lisa Marie, and, the energetic group we caught last night, The House Combo at Nick-a-Nee’s.

Moonie thought he was a really cool cat. He thought Jux’s pocket made a pretty nice hangout, too.


It’s hard to tell as Moonie doesn’t have eyelids, but I’m pretty sure they’re both winking.