Blues Wolf

“Blues Wolf” is a fixture on the Rhode Island blues scene. Mr. Wolf and four of his friends play as “Wolf & the Jam Daddies” at a number of revolving venues, but particularly at Boundary Brewhouse in Pawtucket, where they’ve hosted a Sunday evening blues jam for ten years.

Blues Wolf1

Moonie and I had a great time checking out Wolf & the Jam Daddies (Moonie particularly liked polishing off my “Jesse James,” a burger with smoked bacon and cheddar, and trying to take little sips of beer when no one was looking). No one said you had to eat healthy to enjoy Blues Wolf, especially as he kicked off the evening singing about the chocolate-covered cookie blues.

Blues Wolf2

The best part was when Wolf played a fantastic tribute to the late B.B. King titled “The King is Gone.” You can guess the inspiration, but with a slightly different arrangement. B.B. would have been proud.

Blues Wolf3

Moonie really enjoyed meeting Wolf, who gave him a little Moonie family history. Moonie’s ancestors, Wolf told us, were called “wishnicks” before they were more recently called “troll dolls.”

Blues Wolf4

Moonie has decided he’s good with being called Moonie, so I guess that’s settled.

One comment

  1. Wolf · May 27, 2015

    Thank you so much for the write up it was great, and I’m so glad you had a good time, you are always welcome back


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