Memorial Day

I’m not a fan of war – I wish there were far less painful and destructive and expensive ways to maintain peace – but that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of, or grateful to, those who serve our country and those who make sacrifices to keep Moonie & me safe. My father’s father was a lifelong pilot for the Navy, one of the last non-commissioned officers in history to fly in the military, and eventually retired as a lieutenant JG. My Da and his siblings grew up as military brats, with war more of a reality than it has been to me in my lifetime. My mother’s stepfather was a captain in the Marine Corps, serving in both World War II and Vietnam, and a Purple Heart recipient. When I was little I remember how proud he was of the faded, fuzzy anchor tattoos on his forearms, like Popeye, and the case he kept full of flags, articles and medals. Both of them passed on years ago, so Moonie never got to meet them, but he joined me today in thinking of them and the many soldiers and heroes like them.

Memorial Day

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